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BBBS Big Headshot Campaign

Big Headshot Campaign

How It Works?

Book a Time

Find a time in our calendar below that works with your schedule. We have plenty of time slots available to get you booked in to improve your online digital presence.

Bring Your Smile

We need you to bring your biggest Zoom meeting smile. We know you’ve been practicing! We will capture your big cheesing face and meticulously edit the photo to bring out your shine(See below)!

Look Fresh Online

Whether you are needing a new LinkedIn profile picture or your corporate directory looks little dated, refresh your online presence with some stylish new headshots.


Booking a Headshot

$100 from each headshot session will be donated to BBBS Regina

Step 1: Select one of the available dates on the booking calendar. The available dates are:

  • March 19th
  • March 26th

Step 2: Fill out your contact and booking information

Note: We will have 1 grey backdrop setup for each session

Step 3: If you wish to receive a Taxable Receipt from BBBS Regina please select that option in the booking request.

Step 4: Checkout and pay (It’s that easy)

Step 5: Drop by our studio for your scheduled time

Address: 1301 Broad Street, Regina, SK

Google Maps Link

Note: Please come to our studio 5 minutes early for your headshot session

June 2023
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