24 Hour Startup

Project: Cultivator 24 Hour Startup 2021
Client: Cultivator
Services: Video Production, Photography

When you think Saskatchewan startup I bet Cultivator is the first thing that comes to mind, and if it’s not; well we have something for you to watch to make you better acquainted!

2021 a year we already won’t forget!
Cultivator started off this years 24 Hour Startup with two videos to leave the audience informed but also begging for more details on their annual startup showdown.
The Tandem X Team had a front row seat to the genius that is the 24hr Start Up. The place, the people and the passion for helping high-growth Saskatchewan companies launch, grow and scale from right here in our prairie province!
“Plan to pivot”, the new 2021 model for hosting an epic event. Technology truly is a beautiful thing, we were able to capture all participants, judges and guest speakers virtually in true tech fashion.

When creativity is a focus, planning is the greatest strategy. You don’t walk into an event of this magnitude without a clear vision. A vision for what the client will see, and the creativity to back it.

Cultivator has been helping Saskatchewan startups for 2 years now and what better way to celebrate their 2nd birthday than hosting an event to drive a full 24 hours packed with tech, innovation and a few caffeinated beverages.

On the mainstage, Cultivator chose to unveil their mind blowing community and startup metrics through a video format. In a virtual fashion, we were unable to hear the crowds screaming of celebration when the video commenced, but the little glowing virtual faces told it all.

As I watch the edits for the 20th time over, I not only feel as though I am there; but I feel immersed in so much more than a video. There is a thoughtfulness to each frame; fluidity as the camera moves to capture a new face.

Cue the music! We need build up, we need excitement and we need it to be hype! This is when the visuals come to life, when you slowly inch closer and closer to the edge of your seat…this is IMPACT.

Any event of this stature deserves a stunning recap video. If you thought this event couldn’t get more epic, Take a look at the 2021 Cultivator 24 Hour Startup Recap Video.